Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons


The Mark Province of Oxfordshire was constituted in 1994, when it was split from the joint province with Berkshire and consists of 13 Mark Lodges and 10 Royal Ark Mariner Lodges with a total Mark membership of approximately 450. Although it is one of the smaller provinces, it does mean that members know each other well, creating a very happy Province.

The aim of this website is to provide information about the Mark and Royal Ark Mariner degrees to our members, to the Masonic world who are not members of the Mark degree and to the rest of the world who are not Masons.

The website shows the locations and dates of the meetings of our Lodges as well as upcoming social events and our charitable side.

I am sure you will find this site helpful and informative but if you want further information about the Mark and Royal Ark Mariner degrees, the Province or any of our Lodges please contact us.

I hope you will find our website both interesting and informative.

R.W.Bro. Ian W. Wright
Provincial Grand Master

The Provincial Grand Master's Address to Provincial Grand Lodge

  News 14th May 2020 Updated 1st Jun 2020
Brethren none of us know what is around the corner in life and I definitely did not expect to be addressing you remotely after becoming your Provincial Grand Master. Who could have predicted the extensive disruption to the world caused by this terrible virus and the monumental loss of life worldwide? We have all lost dear friends; colleagues and brothers. They will live on in our memories and prayers.
One of the great pleasures of being Provincial Grand Master is to welcome our distinguished guests and friends of The Province to our meeting and although I cannot welcome them in person, they are in my thoughts today and the friendship and comradery which we share will not be forgotten.
A lot of work goes into organising our Provincial Grand Lodge and even although it has been postponed the background organisation still occurs and I would like to thank those brethren of The Province who despite their other commitments have worked so hard behind the scenes.

Provincial Grand Lodge has been postponed until 23rd October which is the date that we were expecting to hold a Mark Summer Dinner at Heythrop. If possible, I will hold a business Annual General Meeting prior to the dinner. Of course, this is my intention and a nasty little bug might have other ideas.
We have missed out on our Henley boat trip through which we intended to support the Craft Festival. We have missed the Newbury race day; the clay shoot and the Golf day. I had planned to have a Mark weekend in Bournemouth this year but sadly that has also been postponed. All of these activities would have raised money towards our Festival in 2025, I do hope that you can support us when normal service is resumed.
The MBF Festival is very much in my thoughts and I would particularly like to thank the committee chaired by W. Bro. Graham McGowan-Smyth for their commitment and hard work. We now have a Festival tie which will go into production soon and you may have seen the new Oxfordshire Mark Token which is to be used at all Advancements in the Province. Proceeds of which will go to this worthy cause.
Since May last year I have been visiting various Provinces; representing Oxfordshire on your behalf. This is a particularly enjoyable duty. This can involve long journeys to other Provinces and Districts; and I was due to witness the formation of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Italy towards the end of this month. I am proud to be your Provincial Grand Master and I will continue to promote this exceptional and remarkable Province of Oxfordshire.
I would like to thank the Provincial Officers of 2019/2020; I have been impressed with the way they have conducted themselves in office and The Province has benefited from their skills.
I have had a happy year working with V.W. Bro. Barry; he has been an excellent Deputy and I am fortunate to be able to benefit from his sound advice but especially from his friendship. I most certainly have great pleasure in reappointing him as Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Oxfordshire. Congratulations Barry.
Today I would have had the pleasure of investing the new Provincial Officers; although I cannot physically do that; they are appointed and take up their offices immediately. I would hope to physically invest them as we meet up around The Province. Please remember that they have earned these offices by merit alone. This is a principal that I will continue uphold. Provincial Office is a reward for the hard work and commitment that they have shown to The Province and I congratulate you all.
The world has suffered significant changes and disruption in the past three months, and Freemasonry has had great losses. Sadly, our age profile does not help; underlying health issues can often be avoided. I would like to have a healthier membership and your daily walk is a beginning; I am not asking for 100 laps of your garden but perhaps you could work towards it. With all the free time! I am sure you have been brushing up with your ritual; the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies is there to help and will set up video conferencing groups for masonic discussions. Freemasonry will have to adapt, and changes will have to be made to our practices. There is certainly a need to address the Almoner's role in our organisation. Video conferencing is a useful tool that will be used more for masonic business meetings; it is a way forward. We all love our Masonry and we need to learn from this pandemic and better prepare ourselves for the future.
Seventy-Five years ago, Masonry suffered losses in the second world war, but we survived, and our numbers flourished; largely because of the comradery; stability and order that freemasonry gave to society. Let us seize the opportunity that presents itself and portray all of our beautiful Orders with pride and dignity.
It was my intention to hold a Provincial Church Service on Sunday 19th July in Witney with a buffet lunch afterwards in the Witney Masonic Hall. This date was set before the current Grand Lodges lockdown and before the Church lockdown. If possible, the church service will still occur, and it would be a fitting time to remember our lost brethren.
May the Great Overseer of the Universe bless you all and keep you in his care.

R.W. Bro. Ian W. Wright
Provincial Grand Master

The Newsletter for the Mark Master Masons of Oxfordshire

 News 1st May 2020 Updated 28th Mar 2024
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Festival March 2024


Festival December 2023


Festival October 2023


Festival June 2023


Festival March 2023


Festival December 2022


Festival October 2022


Festival April 2022


Festival January 2022


Festival October 2021


(L-R) M.W.Bro. Raymond John Smith, R.W.Bro. Ian W. Wight and V.W.Bro. Barry A. Prior

Installation Ian Watson Wright as Provincial Grand Master &
The Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge

  News 17th May 2019 Updated 19th May 2019
On Friday 17th May 2019, W.Bro. Ian Watson Wright was Installed as the fifth Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master for the Mark Masonic Province of Oxfordshire.
The day began with the first Provincial Grand Master of Oxfordshire, R.W.Bro. Geoffrey Redman-Brown, presiding over the opening of Provincial Grand Lodge ably assisted by V.W.Bro. John H. Holtom, PGMO, and with approximately 160 Mark Master Masons in attendance including 21 visiting Provincial Grand Masters and 5 Past Provincial Grand Masters. The Grand Director of Ceremonies was admitted who then announced that the Pro Grand Master, M.W.Bro. Raymond John Smith, was without and demanded admission. The Pro Grand Master entered with a retinue of Assisting Officers and took the Chair. After the Grand Secretary had read the Patent of Appointment, an escort of eight Worshipful Masters of Oxfordshire Mark Lodges was formed and W.Bro. Ian Wight entered Provincial Grand Lodge to be installed as Provincial Grand Master by the Pro Grand Master.
The new Provincial Grand Master then announced that he was appointing W.Bro. Barry Alistair Prior, PAGDC as his Deputy Provincial Grand Master, whom he proceeded to invest.
After the Installing Team had retired, Province Grand Lodge was called off and the Brethren withdrew to enjoy a superb three course luncheon. In the afternoon, Provincial Grand Lodge was called on and the usual business conducted during which the Provincial Grand Master proceeded to appoint and invest his officers.
It was a thoroughly enjoyable day for all those in attendance as we look forward to the next era of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Oxfordshire.


Oxfordshire Festival 2025 website
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Launch of MBF Annual Festival 2025, Oxfordshire

Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons

  News 19th Aug 2019 Updated 1st Jun 2020
On Sunday 19th August, the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. His Honour Ian Alexander Q.C. and his wife Mrs Rosemary Alexander hosted a Garden Party at The Folly Fifield, their home in North Oxfordshire. The PGM thanks all who came. The event was well-attended by nearly 60 Mark Master Masons, their partners and guests from around the Province, including the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro. Ian Wright PGSD and his wife Wendy and Past Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Geoffrey Redman-Brown with his wife Jean. We were delighted that the Provincial Grand Master for Berkshire, R.W.Bro. Richard Olliver (who gave a generous response to the Toast the guests) and his wife Margaret were able to attend.
The Provincial Grand Master used the occasion to have a "soft launch" of the Mark Benevolent Fund (MBF) Oxfordshire 2025 Festival. The event itself raised over £5,000 in part due to the generous donations before and immediately after. This has given a tremendous kick start to the Festival. Since when, monies have already started to be raised and pledged by Lodges and individuals. The Provincial Grand Master spoke of the wonderful work that the MBF does and the PGM for the Mark Province of Berkshire, who hosted the 2017 MBF Festival, offered his Province's full support to Oxfordshire. There will be hard, but rewarding, work ahead over the next 7 years leading up to the Festival in 2025.

In his address the PGM took up the words of the Grand Secretary at the recent presentation of Blood Bikes at Birmingham "we should all be proud to be Mark Master Masons". The PGM pointed out the amount of money raised for the MBF through our Festivals, and otherwise, enables us to do an enormous amount of real good, not only in supporting our own members and dependants when needed, but also playing a vital part in the community at large. The PGM said he was proud to be a Mark Master Mason and proud to be your PGM. No target figure has been set but he said he is confident that the Oxfordshire Province will by 2025 have raised an amount which we enable us to be excited and proud of our joint efforts.
All who attended the Garden Party had a thoroughly good time. The Great Overseer of the Universe was kind enough to give as good weather. The cost was kept to a minimum by obtaining tents, tables and chairs from the local village halls and churches for a modest amount. Thanks must go to Tony Judd and his team of helpers who attended on Saturday afternoon to erect the tents tables and chairs and indeed to take them back after the event. Thanks are also due to those who helped on the day in many various ways. However the biggest saving was made by Rosemary, her daughter Victoria, and several other ladies who supplied and served a top class lunch which if done by outside caterers would not have been so good and would have wiped out the profits. A huge dollop of thanks is owed to them as is also owed to Brother John Grout who supplied magnificent prizes for a raffle which raised £500.



The Oxfordshire Mark Masonic Benevolent Assocation (OMMBA)

  News 3rd Nov 2018 Updated 19th Jul 2021
The Oxfordshire Mark Masonic Benevolent Assocation, perhaps better known by its acronym, OMMBA, is a charity serving the members and families of the Mark Masonic Province of Oxfordshire. It has full accreditation with the Charity Commission as registered charity number 1122908.
Its origins may be found in 1971 when the Mark Masonic Province of Berkshire and Oxfordshire founded the Berkshire and Oxfordshire Mark Benevolent Association better known as BOMBA. The dual Mark province of Berkshire and Oxfordshire separated into individual provinces in 1994 with BOMBA eventually following suit by separating into two provincial charities in 2008. This was the point at which OMMBA was founded as the "stand alone" Oxfordshire Mark Masonic charity.
The Association currently has seven Trustees approved by the Charity Commission who fill the duties of officers of the Charity. The balance of the management committee is filled by the Charity Steward and the Almoner of each Mark and RAM Lodge in the Province who serve during their period in Lodge office.
The Association's funds are raised entirely from the membership within the Mark Masonic Province of Oxfordshire and grants are made to those members of the Province, and their family members and widows, who find themselves in necessitous circumstances.
It must be remembered that OMMBA is, in effect, a "first aid" charitable organisation which is able to respond very speedily to urgent situations of distress. In instances where it is anticipated that a grant will need to exceed OMMBA's financial capacity the Association will sponsor an application to the Mark Benevolent Fund which has the capability to respond when greater financial outlay proves necessary.
Examples of assistance given by OMMBA since 2008 include payment for numerous instances of respite care, supply of mobility equipment including a number of stair lifts, and a number of immediate financial grants. OMMBA also, on behalf of all Oxfordshire Mark and RAM masons maintains contact with widows of deceased members via an annual letter and Xmas greetings card enclosing a small cheque.
Applications for assistance should, in the first instance, be made to the Almoner of the Mark or RAM brother's Lodge. Confidentiality is always respected with detail of the application disclosed to the minimum circulation. If an applicant wishes maximum confidentiality he/ she may directly contact any one of the Trustees of OMMBA for the application to be carried forward.


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Mark Grand Lodge Newsetter - Freemasonry @86

  News 14th Feb 2021 Updated 14th Feb 2021
Click on the picture on the left, or go to the Mark Grand Lodge website and look for the newsletter section.
There is an option to sign up for notification when a new edition has been released.

Provincial Officers 2023 - 2024

 News 18th May 2023 Updated 5th Jun 2023
The Provincial Grand Master has been pleased to appoint or re-appoint the following brethren:
Senior Warden
Junior Warden
Master Overseer
Senior Overseer
Junior Overseer
Director of Ceremonies
VW Bro B.A. Prior P.G.J.O.
   W Bro P.W. Gilkes Pr.G.J.W. (847)
   W Bro A.H. Barlow P.Pr.G.M.O. (1242)
   W Bro D.A. Cumming Pr.G.J.O. (1183)
   W Bro A. Gillingham P.Pr.G.Swd.B. (1305)
   W Bro D.J. Portman P.Pr.G.Insp.Wks (1443)
RW Bro D. Aspinwall G.J.W. (55)
   W Bro P.G. Benham P.G.St.B. (1305, 1546)
   W Bro M.P. Griffin P.Pr.G.J.O. (225)
   W Bro E.M. Gratwohl Pr.A.G.D.C. (980)
   W Bro R.G. Harrison P.A.G.D.C. (1305, 1838)
Charity Steward
Inspector of Works
Sword Bearer
Deputy Chaplain
Deputy Secretary
Deputy DC
Senior Deacon
Junior Deacon
Assistant Chaplain
Assistant DC
Standard Bearer
Asst Standard Bearer
Inner Guard

Provincial Communications Officer
   W Bro B.J. Watts P.Pr.G.J.W. (1242)
   W Bro S.P. Quant P.G.J.D. (1183, 1838)
   W Bro M.C. Avery P.Pr.G.Swd.B. (1386)
        Bro S.D. Purnell
   W Bro S.L. Bentall Pr.G.Swd.B. (1443)
   W Bro A.N. Dishington P.A.G.D.C. (1183, 1838)
   W Bro S.J. Escott Pr.G.Stwd. (1546)
   W Bro B.D. Page
   W Bro. G.T. Goodman (1443)
   W Bro A. McGahan P.Pr.G.Stwd (1242)
   W Bro A.J. Dyer P.Pr.G.S.W. (247)
   W Bro D.J. Brown P.Pr.G.I.G. (1443)
   W Bro S.L. Crooks P.Pr.G.Stwd (1183)
   W Bro M.E. Genner (847)
   W Bro M. Shah (247)
        Bro G.F. Lee (1443)
        Bro M. Khan (225)
   W Bro A.P. Judd P.G.J.D. (247, 1838)

        Bro M. Khan (225)

Promotions to Past Rank:
   W Bro M.H.E. Ball P.A.G.D.C. (247, 1838)
   W Bro G.J. McGowen-Smyth P.Pr.G.M.O. (247, 1838)
   W Bro P.A. Kiefer P.Pr.G.S.O. (1386, 1838)
   W Bro A. Lowe P.Pr.G.Stwd. (847)
        Bro T. Powesland P.Pr.G.Stwd. (980)
   W Bro G.H. Penny P.Pr.G.Stwd. (55)
        Bro P.Pirouet P.Pr.G.Stwd. (1443)

First Appointment to Past Rank:
   W Bro J.A. Blackford (1546)
        Bro G.H. Gregory (847)

Meet the Deputy Provincial Grand Master

In the right place at the right time or drawing the short straw?

  News 18th Aug 2021 Updated 5th Jan 2022

I had known RW Bro Stanley Ward as a friend and client for some time and held regular Trustee Meetings with him over the years. At one such meeting in 1996, I mentioned to him that I had been invited to become a Freemason in London. He expressed no surprise other than to say that he would like to attend my initiation. Up to that point I hadn't known that he was "on the Square". As we parted he handed me a business card with his name and a number of unfathomable letters after it. He suggested that I hand it to the Worshipful Master at my interview.
Come the evening of my interview it was interesting but uneventful until I passed over Stan's card.
Shock and consternation followed. "We'll have to tell Grand Lodge" and "They will have to have someone there" and similar disconcerting comments. However, I appeared to be readily accepted as a candidate for initiation.
I subsequently asked the chap who had done all the talking at the meeting, the Lodge Secretary as it transpired, what the problem was. I was asked if I knew that Stan was a Mason. I said, not until very recently. He pointed to Stan's card and explained that the letters indicated that not only was he a Grand Officer but also District Grand Master of Gibraltar!
I did ask Stan later why he hadn't warned me. His laconic answer "Because you hadn't asked me".
My initiation passed in a flash of spectacular aprons and hand clapping.
Over the years Stan and I became close friends and I learnt that he also held high office in Oxfordshire Freemasonry.
He phoned me one day to say that he was involved in setting up a new Craft Lodge in Henley and would I like to be a Founder. Living only seven miles from Henley it sounded like a good idea. I subsequently attended all committee meetings leading up to the Consecration of Round Table Thames Valley Lodge No 9697. It was at the last committee meeting, before the Consecration, that the Secretary broke the news that I couldn't be a Founder because I was one month short of the qualifying period of two years membership. I was however proposed and approved as a joining member at the Consecration and took office as Inner Guard at the first meeting of the Lodge.
It wasn't long before I received a tap on the shoulder with the suggestion that I should become a Mark Master Mason. Not too subtle enquiries revealed that many members of the Lodges in Henley who I knew and respected were Mark Master Masons. I readily joined Thames Lodge of Mark Master Masons and was advanced in 1999.
I was happily progressing through the Lodge and had reached the heady height of Junior Deacon when fate took a hand again. W Bro Ron Date was Worshipful Master and a close friend of Stan Ward. A phone call from Ron revealed that the Lodge was struggling to find a Secretary and that he and Stan had decided that I was a likely candidate. From JD to Lodge Secretary was not a step which had been in my plans but after several phone calls I succumbed to the siren voices.
After my appointment I was encouraged and amused to receive a call from a senior and respected member of the Lodge, W Bro Bob Elliott PGSD, "Remember" he said "Worshipful Masters come and go but the Secretary rules the Lodge". I’ve never had the courage to say that to a Master's face!
The Treasurer of Thames Mark at the time was W Bro Mike Whicker PGStB who lived close by and I used to give him a lift to meetings. The visits gradually extended throughout the Province as Mike became more senior in the Province.
Perhaps thanks to my popping up around the Province or because of the mirth which was caused by a left handed person seeking to get the signs right especially during the Risings, I came to know W Bro, now VW Bro, David Jesson PGJO, while the PGM, RW Bro Richard Slade was also a frequent visitor to Thames Mark.
Again the phone rang in 2007 with the verbal tap on the shoulder and I was appointed Provincial Grand Assistant Chaplain. During my year I was attending a meeting when David Jesson and Richard Slade bore down on me. It was ominous that that they stood on either side of me and between me and the door blocking a quick exit. Richard explained that the Province needed a new Deputy Secretary. In my innocence, although I knew that David did not enjoy the best of health, I expected a few years assisting him before returning to the back benches. It was not to be. A year later David announced that he felt it necessary to stand down the following year and I found myself appointed Provincial Grand Secretary.
I was flattered that Richard had taken a risk with me but disconcerted when he announced that he had decided to retire as PGM the following year!
Little did I realise that the appointment would last 7 years and involve three Provincial Grand Masters. During that time I had the privilege to meet and to be mentored in the early days by W Bro, now VW Bro John Holtom PGMO, then Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies. Not only is John a mine of information but also excellent company and I shared many happy visits to Lodges and other Provinces with him. One of the most daunting tasks for a Provincial Grand Secretary is to organise Provincial Annual Meetings and even more so the Installation of a new Provincial Grand Master. John's knowledge and good humour made the tasks less daunting and in fact very enjoyable.
After serving three Provincial Grand Masters, I felt that it was time for new blood and stood down in 2018.
Happily, that tap on the should came again in 2019 and another chapter opened.
To answer the question posed at the beginning of this piece. I definitely think that my Masonic career has been blessed by being in the right place at the right time, assisted by a great number of friends whose true value I did not always recognise at the time. I have never regretted my decision to become a Mark Master Mason, a Degree which has brought me great enjoyment and led me to make many friends, not only in the Province but throughout the country.

Provincial Visits 2022-2023

  Events 1st Mar 2020 Updated 13th Jul 2022


Mark Lodge Meetings

Key:       Attending      Lodge Member      KS Keystone          ** Dispensation
Wychwood 1443Thu 19 May 2022
Windrush C&MC 1386Fri 20 May 2022
University 55 Sat 21 May 2022
Godstow 1546Wed 1 June 2022
St. Mary's 1242Fri 10 Jun 2022
Bowyer 1655 Mon 13 Jun 2022
Wychwood 1443KSThu 16 Jun 2022
Menatschim 1838 Mon 20 Jun 2022
Marlborough 980 (I)Tue 12 Jul 2022
Menatschim 1838 (I)Mon 5 Sep 2022
Bowyer 1655 Mon 12 Sep 2022
Weyland 1305 Wed 21 Sep 2022
Cherwell 847 (I)Tue 27 Sep 2022
Abbey 225 (I)Thu 29 Sep 2022
Thames 1183Fri 30 Sep 2022
Marlborough 980Tue 11 Oct 2022
Godstow 1546 (I)Wed 12 Oct 2022
Alfred 247 (I)Wed 19 Oct 2022
St. Mary's 1242 (I)Fri 21 Oct 2022
Wychwood 1443 (I)Thu 27 Oct 2022
Marlborough 980Tue 8 Nov 2022
Windrush C&MC 1386Fri 11 Nov 2022
Abbey 225Thu 24 Nov 2022
Thames 1183Fri 25 Nov 2022
Cherwell 847KSTue 29 Nov 2022
Weyland 1305 (I)Tue 6 Dec 2022
Windrush C&MC 1386Fri 9 Dec 2022
Alfred 247 Wed 21 Dec 2022
Thames 1183Fri 20 Jan 2023
Cherwell 847Tue 31 Jan 2023
Marlborough 980KSTue 14 Feb 2023
University 55 (I)Sat 11 Feb 2023
Abbey 225Thu 23 Feb 2023
Godstow 1546Wed 1 Mar 2023
St. Mary's 1242Fri 3 Mar 2023
Wychwood 1443Thu 9 Mar 2023
Bowyer 1655 (I)Mon 13 Mar 2023
Menatschim 1838Mon 27 Mar 2023
Cherwell 847Tue 28 Mar 2023
Windrush C&MC 1386 (I)Fri 14 Apr 2023 **
Alfred 247Wed 19 Apr 2023
Abbey 225Thu 27 Apr 2023
Thames 1183 (I)Fri 28 Apr 2023
Weyland 1305Wed 10 May 2023
Mark PGLKSThu 11 May 2023


RAM Lodge Meetings

Key:       Attending      Lodge Member
Thames 1183  Wed 18 May 2022
Oxford University 55Sat 21 May 2022
St. Mary's 1242 Fri 10 Jun 2022
Menatschim 1838Mon 20 Jun 2022
Cherwell 847 (I)Tue 28 Jun 2022
St. Mary's 1242 (I)Fri 9 Sep 2022
Thames 1183Fri 30 Sep 2022
Menatschim 1838Mon 17 Oct 2022
Alfred 247 Wed 19 Oct 2022
Cherwell 847Tue 1 Nov 2022
Abbey 225 (RAM Assembly)Fri 4 Nov 2022
Oxford University 55 (I)Sat 5 Nov 2022
Windrush 1386Fri 11 Nov 2022
Marlborough 980Wed 16 Nov 2022
Bowyer 1655 (I)Thu 1 Dec 2022
Windrush 1386Fri 9 Dec 2022
Alfred 247Wed 14 Dec 2022
Abbey 225 (I)Fri 3 Feb 2023
Thames 1183 (I)Fri 24 Feb 2023
St. Mary's 1242Fri 3 Mar 2023
Marlborough 980Wed 15 Mar 2023
Windrush 1386 (I)Thu 16 Mar 2023
Bowyer 1655Thu 6 Apr 2023
Alfred 247 (I)Wed 19 Apr 2023
Marlborough (I)Tue 9 May 2023
Thames 1183Wed 17 May 2023

Travelling Keystone

  News 3rd Jan 2019 Updated 3rd Jan 2021

"To the want of a keystone to complete the arch"

The Keystone is an architectural stone that is produced by the use of the square and compasses in its design.
The Travelling Keystone is intended to be a rallying point and symbol of fraternal goodwill.
Richly rewarded shall be who succeeds in finding it, and richly rewarded will be the Lodge that holds the Travelling Keystone of the Mark Master Masons Province of Oxfordshire.

Travelling Keystone Guidelines     Travelling Keystone Ritual


The Class of Improvement kick starts its new season with a visit from the PGM, R.W.Bro. Ian Wright

Provincial Class of Improvement

Meeting Dates & Times

  News 30th Jan 2020 Updated 12th Mar 2022
The Provincial Class of Improvement is being held on a monthly basis and is lead by the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and his team.
All Mark Master Masons and Royal Ark Mariners within the Province are most welcome to attend. The Class is open to the newest member as it is to a past master who wishes to keep his skills up to date or practice something new.
In addition to practising our ritual we can discuss etiquette (within the meeting and at the meal afterwards), procedure and protocol and ask our preceptors any questions we have.
Laughter is common, gentle mischief is tolerated and mistakes are allowed. It is from these that you learn and improve.
Subject to demand and availability it may be possible to hold additional Classes of Improvement at other centres within the Province.
Should you be interested in attending and for further information please contact:
W.Bro. R.G. Harrison via prgdc.mark(at) or W.Bro. P.G. Benham prgtreas.mark(at) (replacing '(at)' with '@').

Class of Improvement - Mark and Royal Ark Mariners
   Monday 21st March 2022  7.30pm via Zoom

 All Mark & RAM Masons are invited to the next Zoom Class of Improvement. The dress code is casual, please remember your books and of course, no regalia is to be worn and no masonic secrets to be spoken or signalled (salutes).

 We will be undertaking the ceremony of Advancement and using the approved slides showing the floor movements to assist in the positioning of Officers and the delivery of the words. This will be an excellent opportunity to dust off the Ritual Books and continue the familiarisation process. Please note that it is not permitted to deliver the Obligation or the explanation of the signs etc.

 The zoom meeting link has now been placed on the Mark Members webpage.

 Tuesday 26th April 2022  7.00pm at Weyland Hall, Bicester Masonic Centre

 Details TBC

Launch of the Bonus Ball Competition

  News 3rd Oct 2019 Updated 1st Aug 2021
At the Menatschim Lodge of Mark Master Masons Installation on 1st September 2014 the Provincial Grand Charity Steward, WBro. Ken Jones, announced the launch of a bonus ball to supplement the income of the Almoners fund.
The fund is mainly used to support our Widows with their Xmas gifts.

Rules/ Terms & Conditions     Bonus Ball Game Application Form

803/07/21Steve P23
810/07/21Richard S01
817/07/21Richard S01
824/07/21Stephen P59
831/07/21Bill K48
807/08/21Wendy W58
814/08/21Wendy W58
828/08/21Patrick B41
804/09/21Brian P34

The Oxfordshire Masonic Year Book

  News 14th Feb 2021 Updated 18th Sep 2023
To download your copy of the Year Book please click on any picture or the link below. The PDF file is password protected:
Newer versions of the yearbook can be found on the Craft Provincial website.


Front Page


Craft Section


Craft Section


Chapter Section


Mark & RAM Section


Other Orders


  News 10th Apr 2021 Updated 19th Jul 2021
We have a small supply of quality second hand regalia for sale at reasonable prices.
Please contact webmaster(at) for further information (replacing '(at)' with '@').

1.Full Dress Collar2?
2.Past Grand Standard Bearer Collar Jewel2?
3.Past Grand Standard Bearer Full Dress Apron2?
4.Past Grand Standard Bearer Undress Apron2?
5.Provincial Grand Junior Warden Collar Jewel (Oxfordshire)1?
6.Undress Collar1?

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